14Carrot Stables

Come Meet Prancer

Prancer is a welsh pony, quarter horse cross.  She is used for lead line childrens lessons and is currently learning to pull a cart!  She is every childs perfect little white pony(even though technically she is really a grey).  Prancer is very friendly and loves treats and attention!

Come Meet Cari

Come meet 14Carrots or Cari (nickname) Cari is our main lessons horse. She is the perfect all around horse that we have owned for 10years. I originally bought her for my daughter that was 8 at the time. But Cari became a horse for anyone and everyone to ride and have fun with. Cari is very well trained that we can ride her with no saddle or bridle that we can demonstrate to the students.


Dakota is a Paint horse. She is 15.2hands. She is ridden by our adult students along with our younger students.